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Great sex at first– but then passion is quick to wane • Closeness-distance-problem
I am lover & nurse in one – why is it so hard to combine? • Balancing power
Stay or leave – in love, but married to someone else • Marital crisis
I am not getting an orgasm–why is that? • Orgasm problems
Broken heart – will it ever stop? • Severe depression
Virgin–he is much too impatient • The first time
Partner gone – or returning • Separation
Fear of loss – a catastrophe • Jealousy
I love – but he wants only sex • Sex
Will he cheat me again? • Cheating
Can’t get it up • Impotence problems
I fancy someone–will it work • Secret love
How to make it last longer? • Sexual disorder
A nice guy–but alone at night • Women and pedestals
Lazy hubby–can passion come back?• Long term relationship
Her desire is gone–but her love is still the same • Appetence disorder
Strong pain, but never an orgasm – even though he is very tender • Vaginism
Help!!! He is watching porn in the internet! What you can do about it • Porn–addiction
My lover is 20 years younger than me! Does this even have a realistical chance? • Gerontophilia

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Not only our bodies can become ill, suffer and die – also our relationships with each other! To heal an ailing relationship, relationship advice can be most beneficial.

To evoke love and to keep it vibrant is not easy because we are following subconscious scripts, hidden deep within our souls. We are subject to an evolutionary process which has given all beings their present form and this process keeps refining its ‘love manual’ as it has for millions of years.

Unfortunately, this manual contains two silly flaws which provide endless opportunities for mishaps and tragedies in our lives. Firstly, this love manual is not the same one for men as it is for women and secondly, although wonderful to perform in a stone-age arena, it is often all but useful in times of space travel. So it comes as no big surprise that some promising premieres go up in smoke because the leading characters are at odds with each other.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we sympathize with the scripts you got-, and we endeavor to improve your stage appearance with a revolutionary method of relationship advice, which promises you personal growth as well as improved relationships!

You may rest assured that you will be speaking with skilled specialists from our relationship advice team, devoted to dealing with your issues through a technique that is non-judgmental, empathic and engaged.

Relationship advice can take place on the phone, or completely anonymous via email. Just send us an e-mail with your difficulty, and let us realize together what will work best for you.


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