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(Part 3 from: The Man-Woman-conflict from evolutionary-psychological view)
(How spiritual assessments from the primeval times guide and influence love relationships)

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in the following I would like to introduce the difficulties between male and female from the viewpoint of the evolutionary biology / psychology – as the psychological based problem of our twosome relationships.



Fertilization of a egg cell ©Sashkin/

There is one sole difference which distinguishes male and female through nature that can be applied to all plants and animals with certainty: the size of the gender cells. The females’ are a lot bigger than the males’.

There are million fold more tiny male sperms throughout all species on this planet than female egg cells. Based on this, males and females have developed diverse reproduction strategies.

These are responsible for the difference between the genders. Because the male sperm is excessively produced, it is able to inseminate many females – a lot more than are actually available.

Throughout many animal species, this fact leads to a strong competition amongst the males, who rival for the female’s favor.

Rivaling males: Stag beetle and red deer


©manubelin & János Németh /


Females who are choosy and consider ten times with whom they share their precious egg, males scuffle and shove to stand in line, figuratively speaking. In the animal kingdom, females have – humans included – a lot less reproduction potential in comparison to their male counterparts.

Males are more productive

Imagine a woman who has sexual intercourse with ten men within a month: Nevertheless, she would not get pregnant more than once, whereas a man who sleeps with ten women could father ten children.

Another very important difference exists between the genders: The females bear the main burden during reproduction. Looking at some animal species, all the male has to do is contribute a small amount of sperm. Everything else, the pregnancy, the maternal care, is overcome by the female.


Mother duck with ducklings

Mother duck with ducklings ©Claudio’s Pics/

This is why nature already arranged the preference within the females to mind the quality of their sexual partners, which means their genes, millions of years ago. If females would not be smart enough to pick the males they get involved with, they could end up in a biological core melt down by investing all their time and energy in males with a genetic defect and nonviable offspring.



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(Charles Darwin, the founder of the evolutionary theory)

This elementary fact applies – with a few deviations – also to us humans. For example, it is responsible that men have a much greater need for a short-term sexual relationship than women. Also, women are more selective when it comes to their sexual partners.

This difference between male and female is the biggest gender specific distinction there is. The reproduction-biological advantage is obvious for the male: With his strategy, he achieves an increased number of descendants.

Nevertheless, he interferes with the female strategy, tending to have less descendants, but having a strict “quality standard”. These different reproduction strategies, which are pursued by both genders, lead inevitably to conflicts of interest and to a subconscious power play, which results in a “victor” and a  “defeated”. Plainspoken: It is not automatically the “weaker sex“ that gets the shorter end of the straw.

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