E-Book “Partner gone…How to get him back”



Dear Guest,
I warmly recommend this e-book to you if you are currently in an on-going or already executed separation. It was developed in my function as a relationship coach and is based on a true story.

The married couple in this story – Garry and Nicole K. – are a couple since 10 years and married for 9 years. They have two children, a boy and a girl. Their marriage has never been a bad one, but after these long years the relationship is not truly tingling and passionate anymore. The big bang happened, when Nicole fell in love with an acquaintance in her tennis club…

Garry was bewildered and desperate and started fighting for his wife fiercely but with little success. He hired me as a relationship coach, to use his last chance that was left…

This e-book “Partner gone…How to get him back” in some passages reads like a novel, because I try to describe the psychological process as much as possible true-to-life, to visualise the spirit of the ex-partner-back strategy to the reader.

If you are stuck in a relationship crisis, it is essential to comprehend the dynamics in relationships that can make it very hard for coupes during a separation.

To turn the situation for the better, you will need very strong nerves and the knowhow in this e-book. If you understand the principle of the strategy, you will be able to alter and apply it to your very own situation. The e-book “Partner gone…How to get him back” should provide you demonstrative with the basics of the strategy… at least that is my hope.

In completion of the story, I will answer 22 of the most common questions users have about the strategy. I am sure that one or the other subject will find your very interest.

If you have any comprehension question, please use the forum (it unfortunately is currently under construction) where all your questions can be answered directly.

Currently the e-book is only available in German, but we are fiercely working on the translation so you can download it on this page in the very near future.